Moncton Parent-Operated Residential Treatment Program:

What We Offer

Peel Children’s Centre is pleased to offer a four-bed, parent-operated residential treatment program for Maritime youth ages 12 – 19 years.

Our parent-operated residential treatment program offers a safe, therapeutic and strength-based environment in which we provide temporary, out-of-home treatment for youth with needs that cannot be addressed within their current home/placement, and for whom a period of residence outside of the home/placement would help them achieve specific treatment goals.

Parent therapists, as part of a larger treatment team, work with each youth to help the youth develop and practice new skills through strategies such as role modeling, positive reinforcement and teaching. Treatment gains are practiced and solidified within the treatment setting and within the broader community. The youth’s family/caregivers, teacher and any other formal community partners are invited to participate in the treatment process.

The length of treatment varies depending on the unique needs of the youth and progress towards identified goals.


Appropriate referrals to the parent-operated residential treatment program are youth who are assessed as having needs that would be most appropriately met through an out-of-home placement within a therapeutic family-like atmosphere (as opposed to a staff-operated residential treatment program). Given the nature of treatment, youth require an IQ of 70+ (verbal and full scale).

All treatment admissions are planned.

Parent-operated residential treatment requires family/caregiver involvement. The referral source (case manager) also remains involved with the youth throughout treatment, contributing to case planning and discharge planning.

Residential treatment is available on a per diem basis.

Making a referral

To make a referral, or for more information, please contact:

Peel Children’s Centre
Attention: Blake Fullerton, Residential Supervisor
567 Coverdale Road, Unit 13
Riverview, N.B.  E1B 3K7

Phone: 506-386-5544
Fax: 506-386-5545

Our staff

Our parent-operated residential treatment program is staffed by highly qualified Maritime professionals from several different educational backgrounds. We are pleased to offer expertise in a broad range of disciplines.

Each staff member has a distinct and complementary role on the treatment team. Our parent-operated residential treatment team includes:
  • a clinical supervisor,
  • a social worker,
  • parent therapists,
  • a family support counsellor,
  • a consulting psychologist, and
  • a consulting psychiatrist.

Parent-Operated Residential Treatment Program, Moncton

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