Thank You, Volunteers!

April 21 – 27 is Canada’s 70th annual National Volunteer Week. Peel Children’s Centre (PCC) celebrates and thanks all our dedicated volunteers for their continued support and commitment to the children, families and staff at PCC. Each and every one of our volunteers has positively contributed to the lives of the clients that we serve.  Their time, talents and energy are invaluable and we are continually grateful.

More than 120 specially trained volunteers generously support PCC each year. Their contributions enable PCC to extend significantly the services we can provide for children, youth and families who are experiencing mental health difficulties. Volunteers at PCC play several important roles:

  • transportation for families struggling to commute to PCC
  • mentoring for children who would benefit from a positive role model in their life
  • one-on-one tutoring for children who are experiencing difficulties with school work
  • respite services for families who would benefit from a break
  • on-site childcare for parents attending educational, support or counselling sessions at PCC, and
  • assistance with fundraising and special events throughout the year.

How do our volunteers make a difference? Consider Brampton resident Stephanie Barbosa, winner of PCC’s 2012 Ron Lenyk Volunteer of the Year Award. Stephanie was recognized for her role as a childcare provider extraordinaire during group services and individual appointments at PCC. The childcare volunteer role can be challenging due to the children’s mix of ages and behaviours, as well as space constraints.

Calling Stephanie “the Childcare Whisperer,” Volunteer Coordinator Linda Buchanan recalls a 5-year-old boy who “could go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds and no one, including his parents, could settle him. During one particularly difficult session at PCC, the boy’s worker asked Stephanie to join them. To everyone’s disbelief, Stephanie was able to calm him to the point where she and he could go into another room and have an engaging hour together. Stephanie has a tremendous gift.”

Are you interested in volunteer opportunities at PCC? Our Volunteer Coordinator provides orientation, training and support. Gain valuable work experience as a mentor, tutor, childcare provider, respite provider, driver or special event assistant! Visit us at


Thank You, Volunteers!

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