Family Day 2010

February 12, 2010
For Immediate Release


Success By 6 Peel volunteers delivered teddy bears and a message about the importance of the children’s right to equal access to Peel Children’s Centre on February 12.


The teddy bear gift packages will be distributed to 45 families by PCC staff during home visits the week of February 15 (Family Day). The gift packages will also be distributed at the St. John Fisher Neighbourhood Learning Place (a Success By 6 Peel initaitive) and Lancaster Public School community hub.


Peel Children’s Charter of Rights committee chair, Shelagh Karstoff and representatives from Peel Children’s Centre (PCC), Rosa Sist and Donna McIlroy, met with reporters to talk about the significance of children’s rights to children with special needs on Family Day.


“We want to give children with special needs a little encouragement and give their families valuable information about children’s rights,” Ms. Karstoff told reporters.  “The teddy bears were a donation from P&G Salon Professional, through the United Way of Peel Region, and are a wonderful symbol of hope.”


She also told reporters that more needs to be done to address issues of accessibility and inclusion in Peel. Many children face long wait lists for services due to rapid population growth and high demand for social services.


Donna McIlroy, clinical manager at PCC, explained that the centre is at the forefront of providing much needed services to families of children who are experiencing serious difficulties. She described the numerous services delivered to children living with impulsivity, anxiety, depression, attachment disorder and other challenges.


Rosa Sist, preschool consultant at PCC, talked about the support provided to families during home visits and services offered in the community, such as the St. John Fisher Neighbourhood Learning Place, saying, "Peel Childen's Centre is continually working at ensuring that children with mental health challenges have equal access to services."


Teddy bear gift packages were also given to Peel Children’s Aid to distribute to their families, including foster children.


Peel Children’s Centre is a fully accredited, charitable, not-for-profit children’s mental health centre that has served the Peel community since 1985. Each year PCC provides 5,700 services free-of-charge for children and youth under age 18, and their families, who are experiencing serious mental health challenges such as aggression, defiance, impulsivity, anxiety, depression, attachment disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and self-harm.



Beth Williams, Success By Six (905) 602-3631
Mora Thompson, Peel Children's Centre (905) 795-3507

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