Mary Neville Award - 2006

In honour of the efforts and dedication directed towards prevention and early intervention in the area of children’s mental health services, Peel Children’s Centre developed the Mary Neville Award.  This award was created in honour of Mary Neville, who was the Prevention Coordinator for Peel Children’s Centre until her retirement in June 1988.

Nominations for the award are sought annually through public mailings and notices in the Peel community.  Following receipt of submissions, a committee reviews the nominations and, based on past contributions, an individual is chosen who has made a very significant contribution to the Peel community in the areas of prevention and early intervention in children’s mental health services.  This award is presented at each of our annual meetings.

Previous Mary Neville Award recipients include:   

  • Mary Neville
  • Eileen Beltzner (Aid for New Mothers)
  • John MacMillan (Family Services of Peel)
  • Sheila Meers (Regional Municipality of Peel Children’s Services)
  • Dr. Tom Lofft (Mississauga Hospital)
  • Lee Piepgrass (Erinoak)
  • Leanne Flood (Caledon Parent Child Centre)
  • Susan Cannon (Erinoak)
  • Vince Wall (Dufferin-Peel Roman Catholic Separate School Board)
  • Gary Dorsch (Our Lady of Peace School)
  • Leanne Baldwin (Peel Behavioural Services – Mississauga Hospital)
  • Jean Staley (Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board)
  • Lorna Montgomery (Peel Infant Development Program – Trillium Health Centre)
  • Patricia Garrett (Region of Peel – Children’s Services)
  • JoAnne Nugent (Nugent Consulting & Training Services)
  • John Huether (Peel Children’s Aid Society)
  • Dana Riddell (Peel District School Board)
  • Peggy Kingdon (Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board)
  • Christine Skowron (Peel District School Board)

The Mary Neville Award Review Committee has decided to award the Mary Neville Award for 2006 to Anne Fenwick, Director of Family Health at the Region of Peel.  Anne has made valuable contributions to the children’s mental health field in Peel Region in the areas of prevention and early intervention.

In nominating Anne, Linda Lee-Berkowitz, Manager, Clinical Services at Peel Children’s Centre states:

 “Anne was pivotal in initiating Success By Six and Havenwood.  At its inception, Success By Six was a community based initiative designed to improve the outcomes for all children from birth to six years of age. Today, Success By Six has 79 members representing almost every agency working with the birth to six population. It recently celebrated its first birthday as a licensed entity under United Way.  When Anne first brought the concept of Success By Six to Peel, a Steering Committee was struck and a Community Coalition comprised of a wide spectrum of Peel agencies began meeting to support the vision. One of the first tasks undertaken by the Coalition was the creation of the Havenwood Project - a model that is referred to today as the original “Hub”.  There were many indications this neighbourhood was poorly resourced and highly stressed.  Anne contributed to the development of a collaborative model of service provision provided through in-kind contributions by a myriad of agencies to the Dixie-Bloor Neighbourhood Resource Centre.”

Anne has held progressively more senior positions with the Region of Peel, most recently as Director of Family Health.  Anne is described as being very collaborative in the work she does seeing partnerships as the key to success.  She is a strong advocate of the importance of the early years as the foundation of children’s mental health, physical and intellectual development.

As  member of the Canadian and Ontario Public Health Association as well as the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Anne is also an advocate of professional nursing practice and the broad scope of Public Health Nursing.  She is a champion of pre-conception health believing health before pregnancy is critical.  Anne is also champion of the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program wanting to ensure all children in Peel have access to the services they need to be successful..

Anne is a tireless participant in countless meetings dealing with the issues of families and children.  Currently, she is involved in the FASD community initiative.  Always willing to look at better, newer, more efficient ways of working towards the well-being of children and families, Anne sees “challenges and opportunities” not “problems and issues”.  As Chair of the Steering Committee, she has commendably shaped a “need” into a service delivery model and all, without funding for ongoing operations.

Peel Children’s Centre is grateful that Linda Lee-Berkowitz took the time to share with us Anne’s vision, creativity, tenacity and compassion - key attributes that spark the enthusiasm of all who work with her.  Linda points out that these strengths are evident in all of Anne’s undertakings, including her involvement in 2002, with the Peel Planning Table supporting the development of the Ontario Early Years Centres.

Congratulations, Anne, on your valuable contributions to children’s mental health in the areas of prevention and early intervention.  The Peel community is grateful for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and families. Your vision and your leadership exemplify the spirit of the Mary Neville Award.

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