Community of Practice:

A community of practice is a group that shares knowledge, learns together, and creates common practices.

To improve clinical practice in children’s mental health, Ontario's Central West children’s mental health agencies, under the leadership of Peel Children’s Centre, have come together and created such a community of practice. Children's mental health service providers and stakeholders collaborate

  • to share existing and emerging knowledge about evidence-based services and best practices, and
  • to strengthen existing services by adopting evidence-based practices and using new knowledge to create innovative practices.

Peel Region’s Community of Practice provides a forum for managers, supervisors and practitioners of local children’s mental health services to meet together with researchers and key stakeholders across sectors four times annually

  • to exchange knowledge about evidence-based practices,
  • to review relevant, current research about children’s mental health,
  • to present evidence-based practice issues to practitioners,
  • to create a knowledge-exchange network between academic centres and community-based children’s mental health organizations, and
  • to discuss strategies for integrating research and evidence-based practice into their current programs, and explore the resultant impact on their practice.

Ultimately, Peel Region’s Community of Practice supports the ongoing development of efficient, effective mental health services for children, youth, and their families.

For more information about Peel Region’s Community of Practice, please call Peel Children’s Centre at 905-795-3500.
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