Peel Wraparound Process - Children's Mental Health:

Peel Wraparound Process - Children's Mental Health
Our Peel Wraparound Process is a community-based outreach service that helps families with complex mental health difficulties who have not had success with traditional services.


Wraparound is a team-based planning process developed by John Vandenberg and Mary Grealish (1996). The Wraparound Process increases the "natural support" available to a family by strengthening interpersonal relationships and using other resources that are available in the family's network of social and community relationships. Clients choose formal and informal support systems to "wrap around" their family.


Clients of Peel Wraparound Process also have access to other services at Peel Children's Centre to help prevent family breakdown.


Who is eligible for this service?
Typically, we offer this service to children under 18 years of age and living in the Region of Peel, who have complex needs that no single service can meet:

  • they are at risk of harming themselves or others,
  • they are at risk of losing their place at home or in school,
  • they are at risk of needing services legislated by the Youth Criminal Justice Act,
  • they may have witnessed violence, suffered physical abuse, or have other medical problems, and
  • their families have multiple stressors, and diminished coping and problem-solving abilities.


What do we do?
First, our staff facilitator helps the child and family discover their culture and strengths. Then we support the child and family to develop and implement a creative plan that responds to their particular needs.


The plan includes a support team of professionals, service providers, family members, friends and neighbours. Together with this team, we work with the child and family to strengthen their skills, resources and support.


We provide unconditional commitment and support. If things do not work out as planned, Wraparound does not give up. Instead, we work with the family to redesign the plan to better serve their wants and needs.


Our work in the community is supported by a Community Resource Team comprised of representatives from child and youth services, recreation, faith, community volunteers, and past clients. This team reflects the diversity of the broader Peel community.


How do you access this service?
To access this service, please call Mental Health Services for Children and Youth (Centralized Intake) at 905-451-4655.


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