Court Clinic:

Court Clinic Program
If your child is charged with an offence against the law, a judge may send your child to our Court Clinic Program.

Our program helps the judge understand your child’s mental health problems so that the judge can decide what to do with your child.

Can your child come to our program?
The judge looking into your child’s case will decide if your child can come to our program.

Normally, we see children and teenagers 12 to 18 years old who live in the Region of Peel. We also see children who live somewhere else if they were charged with an offence while in the Region of Peel.

What do we do?
After the judge sends your child to our program, we will talk to you and your child. We will also do some tests, which are called assessments. Then we will send a report and our recommendations to the Court for the judge to consider.
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