Day Treatment:

Day Treatment Program
Is your child dealing with many mental health problems? Are these problems likely to cause your child to lose his or her place at school? Our Day Treatment Program may be able to help.

Can your child take part in our program?
Your child can take part in our Day Treatment Program
  • if you, the child's parent or guardian, live in the Region of Peel,
  • if your child is 5 to 17 years old,
  • if your child has serious problems that may cause the loss of his or her place at school,
  • if your child behaves badly around others,
  • if your child has problems controlling his or her feelings, and
  • if you and your child’s school agree that a special classroom may help your child.

What do we do?
We will teach your child how to deal with his or her feelings and other people. We also help your child with school work.

We do all of this in a special classroom. But we will also make sure your child has as much time as possible with students in regular classrooms.

How can you find out more about our program?
Your child’s school will need to call us and talk to a worker about whether this is the right program to help your child.

For more information about our Day Treatment Program, please call Access to Mental Health Services for Children and Youth at 905-451-4655.
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