Peel Wraparound Process - Developmental Services:

Wraparound Process — Developmental Services
Has a doctor found that your child has problems doing the things that he or she should be able to do for his or her age? (This is called a developmental delay.) Is your family also dealing with serious mental health challenges? Have you had little success with treatment?

Our Wraparound Process — Developmental Services can help.

Can you use these services?
If your child has many needs that no one service can meet, you can use these services
  • if your child is between 2 and 18 years old,
  • if your child has problems doing the things that he or she should be able to do at his or her age,
  • if your child may harm himself or herself, or others,
  • if your child may lose his or her place at home or in school, and
  • if your family is very stressed and is having problems dealing with your child.

What do we do?
Our wraparound process is centred around your family. We listen to you to discover what your family’s needs and strengths are. Then we help you and the members of your team to create a plan that will meet your needs at home, in the school, and in the community.

We will ask you to choose a team of people to support you as you follow this plan. You can choose some of these people to support you:

  • members of your family,
  • friends,
  • mental health workers,
  • developmental service workers, and
  • people from your community.

We will work with you and your team to help you meet your goals.

Support from Peel Wraparound Process — Developmental Services will not stop if things do not work out as planned. If this happens, we will work with you and your team to make a new plan that will meet your child’s and your family’s needs.

How can you find out more about this service?
To find out more about this service, please talk to your worker where you are receiving service now (for example, at Community Living). Your worker will contact Peel Wraparound Process — Developmental Services to figure out if our service is the right one to help you and your family.
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