Residential Treatment:

Residential Treatment Program
If your child has serious problems with feelings, behaviour, and relationships, our Residential Treatment Program can help.

We offer a place where your child can get treatment away from your home
  • where he or she will be safe, and
  • where we will build on your child's strengths to help your child learn to deal with his or her problems.

Can your child use our services?
Your child can use our services
  • if he or she is between 7 and 17 years old and lives in the Region of Peel or Dufferin County,
  • if he or she may not be able to stay in your home,
  • if he or she has problems controlling his or her moods and feelings,
  • if he or she has serious problems dealing with other people at home and in the community, and
  • if your family is very stressed and is having problems dealing with your child.

What do we do?
We will treat your child at one of our residences, or homes.
  • We will help your child learn and practise new skills.
  • We will help your child learn to understand others better.
  • We will help you and your family learn new ways to deal with your problems.
  • We will help you get ready for your child’s return to the community.

Each residence has a staff group of experienced mental health workers with training in a variety of disciplines, or professions. The staff members' different professions help them develop excellent, creative solutions to your child's mental health challenges.

Your child will stay in one of our homes that is correct for his or her age. In the Region of Peel, we have 3 homes:
  1. a home for children 7 to 11 years old,
  2. a home for children 12 to 14 years old, and
  3. a home for teenagers 14 to 17 years old.

How can you find out more about these services?
To find out more about these services, please call Access to Mental Health Services for Children and Youth at 905-451-4655.
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