School-Based Services:

Is your child finding it hard to cope with stress, control his/her behaviour, or get along with others at school? Has your child’s school suggested support or counselling for your child? Peel Children’s Centre works with the district school boards to support students’ mental health needs.

Can your child use our program?

Your child can use our School-Based Services if
  • your child is under 18 years old,
  • your child is registered with one the following school boards:
    • Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
    • Peel District School Board
    • Conseil Scolaire Viamonde
    • Le Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud, and
  • your child is likely to benefit from our services.

What do we do?

Peel Children’s Centre offers several types of School-Based Services.
  • Your child may attend a counselling session where we will help your child identify his/her strengths and figure out how to use these strengths to meet his/her needs.
  • Your child may attend a group with other children. In some groups, children learn skills to control their behaviour. In others, we help children identify their strengths and feel better about themselves. Groups can also help children feel less worried.
  • You may attend a group where you can talk to other parents and learn from each other and our professional staff.
  • Your child's needs may be met through weekly support in school, during their school day.
  • We may also be able to help your child and family in your home.

How can you find out more about our program?

To find out more about our School-Based Services, please speak with your child’s principal or guidance counsellor. Your child’s school or school board will contact us to discuss whether this is the right program to help your child. If your child needs a different service, we will help connect you with the right service.

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